2000 Yamaha RT100 mods?

Anybody have any ideas as to what i can do to pull a little more power out of my mighty mouse, i mean it runs STRONG, PLENTY of torque, but i just want more, lol i guess it's where im used to my RM125 but i mean the bike is so little and so light, it wouldnt take much to make this thing a monster.

Look over the Yamaha factory parts lists, and compare things like cylinder and head gaskets, etc. I think the RTs are just the older DT/YZ series repackaged. If you find shared gaskets, then you can usually bolt on the higher performance part, such as the YZ head, cylinder, carb, etc. data mining the Yamaha parts bin can get you a lot. They made a YZ100 for a few years, you'll have to look it up. You'll probably also find that the DT series 125 and 175 engines will go right into your frame.

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