Just got new 2010 250f!!!!!

Just picked up a new 2010 white yz250f for $5000. Looking for little more power.....what pipe and gearing combo are you guys running? Coming from a 09 crf250r and just want little more mid and top.

So far enjoy the feel of the bike. Great suspension. Just want so more pull.

Not sure what gearing you will need, that's totally dependent on your track. But the stock exhaust on the yz250f is hard to improve on, it's basically a waste of money to replace it unless you crash and destroy it.

To cheaply improve power, you should be looking at aftermarket cams.

i left the front sprocket stock. and took the back down to a 48. although now thinking should of been a 49 maybe. gave it more power and a lot more top end. made gearing longer. mine came stock with a 51 tooth and i was constantly changing gears. i love although on tight tracks a might go back to a 49 or 50. but for bush and fast tracks defeiantly 48. the stock exhaust is great. its just a waste to buy a new one. spend your money on suspension. especially the forks which i dont particuly like but the shock is just awesome

ALot of our tracks are fast and open. I prefer to leave the cams alone. Ill try some sprockets this weekend and see how I like that. Good to hear I won't need a exhaust. Anyone try high-comp piston?

So you would rather change a piston than change a set of cams? Isnt that like twice the work? Just saying, I think bikes benefit the most from cams and a nice porting to match the cams.

Well if you want some ideas on stuff to do check out this page, I hear Frenchie makes the best YZ 250f's


Ive never had luck with cams....especially hot cams.

Main jet is too lean imo, run a 14-49 gear, take the screen out of the filter basket (air). run good gas. twist the throttle!!! and shift a little short.

Ive never had luck with cams....especially hot cams.

Well there's your problem haha , Hotcam's are paperweights in my book.

Williamsmotowerx or Web cams are your best choices.

Get a hold of Jesse Williams through his website www.williamsmotowerx.net

Or www.webcamshafts.com

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