riding class system?

What is entailed in the riding class system?

I'm new to dirt biking and would like to know what these classes are. I know C is an average rider and A is an above average but what's the real difference. Is it certification? I've read somewhere that someone wasn't allowed to ride a certain course because they didn't have high enough certification. I believe that was more FMX than MX though. And lastly how does one advance from the different classes? (I know training but do you need to win races or go to a MX school)

You start off in the lowest class, which in most places is the beginner class or the D class. You get moved up by finishing near the front for a majority of the time and getting trophies. By consistently finishing well in a class, you will get promoted to the faster more experienced class, so after the D class you go up to the C class, then if you do well in that for a season you get bumped up to the B class, and if you are able to do well in that class you will get bumped up to the A class. The A class races for prize money instead of trophies, and there are a lot of people who make a living just by racing the A class at a local and regional level.

Once you are in the A class you are able to race Pro Arenacross and the pro/am series. By doing well in those races you can get a "pro license" which makes you eligible to race the supercross and outdoor national races that are on TV.

Thanks. I guess it all has to do with racing then.

With MX in an AMA district, it's pretty straight forward. You start in the lowest class and earn advancement points, once you hit a certain number, you have to move up a level. Also, in general, you can self promote too, except for the Pro class. The big issue is that so many places are moving away from AMA sanctioning, and in those series, advancement isn't so tightly regulated. For the AMA rules, it's right in their amateur rulebook online.

In off-road racing, it's pretty much run whatever class you want without the straightforward advancement procedures. Most guys run a few races at the lowest level and then pick the class where they think they fit best, which is usually picking the class they think they'll win, i.e. they sandbag. The right class for you is the class where you'll consistently be mid pack with the occasional top 1/4 finish. Once you start finishing top 3 consistently, then you should move up (even if you don't win a title or most of the races) Unfortunately, a lot of people aren't that ethical and will stay in a lower class to get their $10 plaques every race. I know a few career C and B riders in GNCCs, even guys who consistently place top 1/3 every race.

I'll definitly try and continue to move up. I'm not one for sandbagging. Why would I want to continue winning in B when I could get paid to race in A. I don't really want to make a career out of riding but it'd be fun all the same to be good at your sport and be able to pay for your "addiction" with it.

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