lookign for trails/places to ride near vaudreuil-dorion (20m west of montreal)

hey all,

i'm moving to the mentioned area, vaudreuil-dorion, its about 15 min or 20 west of montreal (the actual island). I was wondering if anyone knows of any places to ride in this area, trails or what not. I know xtown and sra are up north (and require full gear) but they're still be about 45 minutes away, so I'm looking for something close by to just go out with my buddy and ride for a few hours, as well as bring people who don't have full gear to ride for a while.

any help at all would be HUGELY appreciated. I'm worried I'm not going to have anywhere to ride wen i move next month! if i had a truck it wouldn't tbe bad, just go to teh tracks every weekend but I wont have one until next spring so trying to find local to go with people who are nearby with a hitch



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