Nickle seal old barrel or new compete hot rod kit?

Hello Every one..

I damaged my piston and barrel in the last National race we did, so I decided to redo my barrel. sent it in for Nickle plating/sealing.

however, I have an athena barrel and can not get a athena piston before I need to race the bike again.

so I have 2 options.

1. Nikle Seal the barel and get a Wiseco piston and gasket set.

2. NEW Hotrod/Wiseco barel, Vertex piston and gasket

This is supplied as a kit from the wiseco importers.. its a complete set, made to fit. So I assume the piston has been matched the barrel

price works out to the same for me....

I run the 480cc conversion on the 450 YFZ Yamaha motor..

anyone had any experiance with this

I also hear the Vertex piston is the OEM piston for KTM

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