Opinions wanted from Gun/Dirtbike combination enthusiasts

Looking for opinions from people who love both guns and dirtbikes as I do.

I'm selling my street legal '82 XL500R and a guy offered to trade me his Olympic Arms AR-15 straight up for it. It retails for $950 plus he has extra mags and a red dot on it. I've always wanted to add an AR to my collection of rifles (although I never thought I'd aquire one in this fashion). As you can see from my sig, I'm not gonna miss the bike as I've got plenty more and I dont necessarily need the money from a cash deal...

So I guess my questions are:

1. Think it's a good trade value wise?

2. If you were in my shoes what would you do?

Depends on the condition of the bike, If its worth more then $950 obviously its not worth it as you could sell and buy the AR straight up with money to spare....

Obviously check the used prices on like AR's. You aren't paying retail for the gun. That said, AR's are a lot of fun. Troy341

One thing is certain,guns hold value way better than bikes.I would say if your bike is in good condition and well maintained, and being street legal adds some value so I would say your bike is in the 1350 usd range.

The nice thing about the gun hobby is rifles hold their value. Unlike skis or new motorcycles.

It's been 20 years since I was shopping for an AR-15, but back then Olympic Arms was not the top shelf manufacture. It seems the Olympic Arms still has the questionable quality control rep, but some of it is just opinion being repeated again and again.

Most newer AR-15's are A3 models with a flat top, carry handle removed, to allow lower mounting of the scope.

Red dot scopes can be as cheap as $30 or in the hundreds.

NOTHING TURNS A SEMIAUTOMATIC INTO A SINGLE SHOT FIREARM QUICKER THAN A LOUSY MAGAZINE. Back in the 90's Ramline made 50 round magazines for Ruger .22 rifle that jammed so often, they were known as "Jamline". I had to send back my hi-cap mags for two lower capacity magaines. Same with pistols, AR15, and especially rifles that were not designed to have high capacity magazines. On the upside, if you don't live in California, you can get more 30 or 20 round magazines.

You can look up information about AR's on



Olympic Arms rifles for sale


Or Google the rifle.

These guys are not impressed.



Do a little homework and find out exactly what you are getting.

With the price of ammo and gasoline going up, it's hard to afford using either these days.

If you don't need the money or the bike, get the AR and some cash to buy a few hundred rounds of ammo. I don't know much about all the different AR makers. I was lucky enough to find a Colt many years ago.


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I have a little over 1200.00 into my AR15, but it has a few of the goodies on her. Just a plan strip down model runs around 650.00 to 850.00

It comes down to where folks shop to put the rifles together. Ca. pays high dollar on everything and you have to limit it to semi auto with a bullet button.

BTW: mine is not the Olmpic style rifle.

They are a good all round tack. weapon though...


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