metal shavings in oil trx450r

ok so i just changed my oil last week and i took the oil filter out and saw that there were metal shavings on it. this has never happened before. the motor was just rebuilt last winter and only has about 15 to 20 hours on it. i had it at a local shop to get the valves checked out before i even noticed the shavings and they never metioned anything about my cam being chewed up or anything like that. the quad still runs great and doesn't make any weird sounds. the only sound is the aftermarket clutch howling. any ideas guys?

04/05 or later?

its an 05.

There was a run of bad crank bearings on a few 04/05's.

There was a run of bad crank bearings on a few 04/05's.

rod bearing went down my friend. better tear it apart and replace that crank and bearings before it goes through both center cases. ive replaced mine three times since 2005

that sucks major. cuz i just rebuilt it and put all new bearings and crank bearings plus a new crank. fml

Turns out it aluminum shavings not metal so its gotta be the cases. :smirk:

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