Does anybody know how to...

.... get this exhaust pipe clean & looking like new? Is it even possible? Anyone else done it?


Cheers :thumbsup:

super fine steel wool and wd-40 is going to be the cheapest.

or you can pick up buffing wheels and compound and try your luck with that.

3M automotive scotch bright would work very well also. start with the red pads and then go over with the gray, then use the gray pads you already used but thi time with WD-40

you could try some of the steel wool like ^^ said and try some CLR (calcium, lime, rust) in the green bottle if the wd doesnt work. That stuff does wonders

Could try a wire wheel on a drill. Try it in one spot but it may be too rough. Polishing disks on an angle grinder as long as you don't go too heavy with the elbow grease

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