2009 ktm 300 xc vs 2009 wr250f

I have a question to ask. I am just getting back into riding because my young son recently got his first bike and started riding. My last bike was a 2004 KTM 200 EXC which I really liked. I am currently going through the typical debate of whether to stay 2T or go 4T. I would eventually like to put a plate on my bike so I can ride forest service roads, side roads connecting to trials etc, but other than that it will be used for trail riding only. I want to buy one bike that is versatile and I can keep for some time. I am 5-09, 215lbs.

I recently found a new left over 2009 WR250F at a great price. I think the WR would be easier to plate and occassionly ride on the road, but I am wondering how the overall performance would be. I have heard good things about the WR, but wonder if I will want more.

My next bike choice is a used 2009 KTM 300 XC. The bike belongs to a friend of a friend and appears to be in great shape. The suspension is already set up for my weight, but other than that it is stock. I think the 2T will be a better bike to grow into, but it will not be as good on road obviously. I also think the 2T would be cheaper to run/ride.

Suggestions please.



sounds like you got a handle on it....pretty spot on

first off, both great bikes!!!!!!!! excellent trail machines.....

the wr, definitely an easier bike to ride, obviously not nearly as much power as the 300, but you're right on probably being easier to plate than the 2t

the ktm, great bike to grow into, reliable, 2t's are cheap to rebuild....but from what ive seen it seems like 2t and 4t costs both kinda even out unless you have a 4t that blows up...cylinder heads are expensive...

all that said, if you like both bikes and its a total wash between the two, opt for whichever one you can get a better deal on...

Those 2 bikes are night and day. I have a 2007 300 XC and it is a rocket. The bike has very good suspension and handling...its an excellent trail bike. I like the WRs (I own a 2001 426), but the WR250 would be much slower and somewhat heavier than the KTM. I guess it depends on how important the plate is to you.

I would get the 300 my dad got a 2011 300xc that i race desert on and i absolutley love that bike. The 250 will be alot slower.

Why not look for a WR450? Prolly be more comparable to the 300.

Definitely get the 300XC

For open trails, fast forest tracks or desert - get a 450f.

im a 2 stroke guy so i would get the 300. 2ts are ok to ride on side roads and stuff like that but you are right the wr would be better for the road.

I imagine there is a massive power difference. I'd go with the KTM 300. I don't think the WR is any lighter either, is it? Now, if it were 25 lbs lighter, it would be a fantastic woods machine even if down on power.

I must be the only wr250f guy here, but I have a leftover 2009 that I got last spring. I did all the free mods to uncork it, and I could not be more pleased with the bike. I am up in New Hampshire so it is very easy to get a plate, and I had one on the bike in two weeks with just a rear brake light switch/wal-mart horn/and a cheap mirror.

Especially if you are going to be riding with your son this bike will handle everything great.

Unless there are emission rules, I dont understand why the WR250F would be easier to plate than the KTM 300 in Washington (but I dont claim to understand the new WA rules). I think you can get plug and play tail light, brakelight, directional lights for the KTM, right? It already has an adequate stator, doesnt it?. So cost wise it may take more money to convert the XC300 than the WR250F, but you will still need to add brakelight and directional iights on the WR.

Also you didnt state how many hours/miles on the KTM300 XC, nor what kind of price for either bike. For myself, all those things would factor into which one I would buy. The other consideration might be if the WR250F would provide a logical hand-me down bike for your kid (at least in the somewhat near term - next couple of years).

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