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Newbie just finished valve shim and MCCT install.

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Utilizing the awesome advice here. So far the key warnings on thumpertalk have been accurate.

lack of grease in the swing arm pivot points, stretched cam chain so far.

I have tackled the valve check on my new to me 2003 (13000km)and found two valves out of spec on the tight side and the other two on the tight side of range. Definitely advise checking your valves and loading up on beer before hand.

got them onto normal and readjusted the cams according to the manual (and digital pics I took during dismantle)

Also threw in the mcct.

My question is this....

The new MCCT i got from vicious cycle appears to have a greater range than the old acct. Although this is a premature question, i want to know when do I decide the cam chain is stretched too far and needs replacing.

When i took out the old acct I wasn't able to tell if it was maxed or not because I pushed the spring back in during removal.

Thanks a million....

I will post pics when i upload from camera

I do have to admit, although I have been very careful i fear some evil noises on start up. I worry that the exhaust cam (although I followed manual) is off a tooth.....:thumbsup:

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Once adjusted with a MCCT, you should see no need to readjust for many,many miles, say 20k or so. If you find you need to adjust it at all or often, the chain is stretched (accelerated wear)and experience has shown it will continue to stretch (wear rapidly)

Bottom line, if your having to adjust it more frequently then motor rebuilds... replace the chain.

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Thanks for the succinct advise. Cant wait to get her running.

Was a fairly simple process to do all the above work.

We will see what happens when She starts!

thanks for all the great help and If I can help out anyone else I will.

I will also post some pics soon.

Hows the weather in Afghanistan???

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