My Yosh TRC install

Hey all, I just wanted to post a few pics of how I did my install.


I made a few spacers for the subframe at work, and bought some longer bolts for the subframe, and the passenger foot peg. Instead of drilling out the threads in the frame, I machined off some threads of the bolt to clear the frame so it just spins and draws the midpipe tight to the frame.


You can see the alum spacer I made, I ended up using the 3/16" spacer, and the midpipe clears the spring just fine. I replaced most of the bolts (including the 8 long triple clamp bolts) with some Ti candy from Pro-bolt :thumbsup:


Also I did not like the red (doesn't match my bike:o)clamp spacer that came with the pipe, so I made my own the same size and polished it up :worthy:


Hope you guys like! :confused:

Bloody Wonderful....:thumbsup:


I should have taken down the dimensions of that big S/S exhaust port and flange that Yosh provides so I can re-manufacture it in titanium. Those two parts weight almost as much as the whole system!

yeah, I'm kind of a weight weenie...

get some heat into the pipe ... i turns a nice blue colour

remove ACCT asap

The bolt with the removed threads is an excellent Idea. I wish I had had it!

WOW!!!!! nice bike. the color of the pipe will look so good with the color scheme of the bike when it gets heated up.. its going to match the rims pretty good

Nicely done!

sweet, looks great

love the way mine sounds

Thanks all, and thanks to all the people who posted pics of their bikes with this exhaust in this forum. It really helped me plan on how to install it while I waited for it to arrive.

get some heat into the pipe ... i turns a nice blue colour

Its already nice and bluish/purple and gold. It has been tuned and ran on the dyno. Made a whopping 35 horsepower with a super smooth curve. It looks like a 45 degree line straight up, and then plateaus before dropping.

whaat ... a whopping 35 !! :thumbsup:


More recent pics.


Header is beautiful


dyno run


what is the jetting?

never mind,i see the insert in the muffler now.

Yeah, I gotta leave for work at 4:30 am...

Neighbors gonna hate me. How much louder is it without the insert?

Using the JD jetting.

LOUD .. remove the insert and jet it to suit , put it back on the dyno and see the difference .

You mean you didn't scream at the dyno operator for bluing your pipe? :confused::thumbsup:

Nothing looks better than rainbow titanium.

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