help please.... 02 yz250 clutch casing?

hi, i posted a thread earlier and found i should of posted it here.... sorry. Anyway i recently purchased a yz250 and the 10th digit in the vin number is a 2 so i am assuming its an 02 model. however i cracked my inner clutch housing due to an unforseen rock and i am looking for a replacement. the number on the inside of the casing is 5CU00. my local dealer said the number belongs to an 01 model but the frame is definately stamped with a 2? does this mean i have an 01 motor in an 02 frame.?


thanks for that..... now im even more now according to that chart the part number belongs to a 99 model. the 10th digit is definately a 2 and the 9th digit on the vin number is either O or a zero. why couldn't munufacturers just stamp the month and year on the bike instead of all these numbers, would be much easier? Anyway, im still stuck so any more info would be great. thanks again


i think they are all the same.....99-current. look at the numbers on the parts fiche.

I rode a honda for years with a jb weld patch on the clutch cover.....if it is not a huge have options.

being self employed as an aluminium fabricator for the past 15yrs, i did think about welding it up myself. its cracked at the bottom, totally cracked all the way through at the top and also through the oil filler! lol....... im totally confident in my welding abilities but i'd just thought i'd try and price a new one. time is a key factor for me at the moment and the preparation to weld oil soaked ally is a time consuming proccess, the actuall welding would only take me a few minutes. any1 know the price of a new inner casing? i should also mention i smashed my clutch basket and outer clutch cover to smitherines! they cant be fixed but the inner casing can........ that still maybe an option. maybe i should just order what part number is on the inner casing i took off?...... despite what the vin number says. i mean, it worked when it was on there??

You are on the right track for parts. I am a fab guy myself and the time it takes to get into clean material is a deal breaker for a weld up.

Thanks Greg. so can any1 tell me if an 01 yz250 inner clutch casing will fit an 02 yz250 even though they are different part numbers?

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