2007 Husky TE 510 worth the price?


I'm new to the forum and was hoping you could help...

I'm considering a 2007 husqvarna TE 510. I found one that is in clean condition with 3,000 miles. The owner said the bike has less than 200 miles off road time and the rest has been riding time too and from work.

What's a good price for this bike? I found a 2007 TE 510 on craigslist with 600 miles and it was $3,700 obo and sold quick. That sounds like a really good deal, someone probably picked it up for $3,500. The guy I'm talking to sounds firm on $3,800.

I could wait a little and get a 2008-2010 used. Is there a major difference in power or function between the 07 (last year of carburetor), and the fuel injected 510's?

If the 2008-2010 bikes are better, are they worth paying an extra $1,400-$2,000 more for a used one over the 2007 carbureted 510?

I appreciate your input here, just trying to make the best decision. I would be doing some DS, and open desert riding that is why I was considering the 510 over the 450 f.y.i.



I sold my 07 SM510 a year ago for $4,000. I'm sure I could have got at least $4,500 with all the goodies but it's a tough sell around here. I wouldn't pay much more than $3,500 if the bike is stock.

Here's the things with the Huskys... They are not huge in the states yet, its hard to find a local dealer to get parts from, its hard to find parts you want at dealers because not a lot of distributors carry parts for the huskys. So then you gotta order em and wait for em to ship and what not. I almost got a Husky over my 08 CRF450X and I am really happy I went with the 450x just for convienence reasons alone.

The husky carbureted bikes are great but I personally havent heard great things about thier fuel injection. Im just biased to carburetors though, I like having physical control of the way my bike runs as much as I can versus all that FI mapping crap with the computers. 3800 seems like a good deal on the bike though, when it comes down to it its a personal preference choice.

And personally I would stay away from Husky FI if your gonna go Husky or stick with one of the top four guys. Check out thr 450x, great bike.

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