16T Front Sprocket on 1999 610?

Hi All

I am looking to get more out of first gear and a little more top end and wondered if anyone has fitted a 16T front sprocket?

I am currently running a 15 and looking at the space around it I am wondering whether a 16T will fit.

Any comments appreciated

hey ther ive got a 2000 te 610 and im running a 16 up front and 45 in back. it fits just check you chain guard to be sure. it helps keep the chain from laying on the chain guide, but just make sure your rollers are in good shape because they will get used more.

Great thanks for that. I actually took my chain guard off when I was thinking of going to trailie wheels but never bothered.

guess i better put it back on!


Sorry I think I mislead you there. I removed the chain guide that is on the swinging arm, not the roller guide!!!

Will check bearings in the roller before fitting sprocket.

Many thanks

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