Front Suspension setup


I'm looking for some help please.

I have a trials bike (Gas Gas 250cc) but when I land off a reasonable height and land on my back wheel (the way you have to land) my front suspension doesn't take any of the impact meaning it's sore on my hand and wrists, also it doesn't sound good.

I've read a few other treads with a similar problem on MX bikes and a possible solution suggested was to sit correctly for the jump. What they were describing was exactly what is happening to me but I can't put my weight forward, surely not?

I thought a solution would be to either increase the amount of the fork tube above the triple clamp effectively lowering the bike, changing the bike geometry. Or possibly decrease the compression damping or increase the sag?

If anybody out there has any help it would be great, before I go messing with the bike too much. The front suspension seams to work fine in all other situations so I'm anxious to mess it up what that's not the solution.

Many thanks,


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