07 crf 450r bad noise

one day i was rideing around at my little track at my house i was in second gear the whole way around not reving much at all. aFTER a few laps i herd a bad noise like a gear in my motor wat picking somthing metal up and throwing it around the. the sound only happen when im moving and hit the gas. i took apart both sides of the motor and there were no damages or mettaL shavings. i even checked my under my valve conver there are no qlues of any thing bad.the motor is very clean. i even looked around wit a tiny camra were my eyes canot see without takein to much apart . please help every thing works fine just mAKES a quick grinding noise i dont think its my chain

any ideas wat it could be?

i have had hondas loose a toth on a gear and make a simlar noise i would save your self some misery and disasemble the entire engine it souds like its ready to be reconditioned.

The kickstart idle gear will squeal if the tranny oil level is too low. Drain the oil and put 700cc of fresh oil in it.

if a tooth boke there should be somthin i woulda saw i looked every where with a scope. (i forget the corect name)(biroscope?) i saw no scratches or anything. the sound sounds like its from the gearbox but everything is perfectly clean i dont know what to do. and i dont want to rip everything apart and repalce stuff if thats not the problem any clue wat else it can be

Never assume the worst. Before you rip anything apart, drain the oil, refill with 700cc of fresh oil and then test it.

i already did that trust me it is not a good noise it sound like a bold hitting a gear. now that i looked and listend a little closer it kind of sounds like its coming from the water pump. or somewhere in the bottom end in the front of the bottom end

Then tear it down and tell us what you discover.

i riped the hole side cover off and still every thing is good but my clucht pllates have a little ply like




thats they way the play is and i kinda feel a tiny paly in the hole cluchbasket is this ok or can that be the bad grinding noise the plates seem to have a good amount of time on them

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