Cylinder Plating

Time to re-plate my 08 yz 250 cylinder. The shop I go to suggests Millenium Technologies but I have heard good things about Eric Gorr as well. Pricing is about the same for both so quality is still the main concern.

Any suggestions or comments?

Millenium does good work, so does Eric. Being springtime, I'd check for turnaround time and then flip a coin.

I have owned bikes serviced by Eric Gorr but have never dealt directly with him. Yet. Next time...

I sent a YZ125 cylinder to Mill Tech after the piston came apart at high RPM. I thought they sent me a new cylinder when I opened the box. It looked THAT nice. One surprise though: I had to re-chase all of the powervalve bolt holes. They were full of al particles, only allowing the bolts to go in about halfway.

i believe eric uses M.T. for his replates.

i believe eric uses M.T. for his replates.

I saw they are both out of Wisconsin and wondered about that..

How do you all feel about the cylinder exchange or is it better to just get mine re-plated?

I'd be a little concerned about the 'exchange' you know what shape your PV holes are in, but what about the one you'd get..,,I'm not sure ,I'd would think they look at them real close.

I have had a few cylinders done by them and us chrome. Both iv'e had to chase threads because of the bead blast media left over.

I've heard that Eric Gore uses US Chrome.... Who knows...

But anywho, I used Millenium Technologies recently. It was the first time I had a cylinder plated so I don't really have anything to gauge it on, but I would say they did a very good job. I could see that they chamfered the transfer and exhaust ports a little better and they looked nice and smooth. It took me a while to scrub out the honing grit and oil left on it, but I think that's to be expected.

All of my power valve bolt holes seemed good. After I washed the cylinder I blew them out with compressed air and didn't have any issues with them.

Also I will say that they are good at answering all of my nOOb questions.

Spoke with Eric this morning, when I asked he said he uses Millennium and actually recommended I do the exchange for price and turn around times.

I think I'm just going to send mine in so he can match it to my new piston and clean and time the powervalve. Very little price difference and it will give me piece of mind.

Thanks ya'll

Powerseal does a great job too, and their prices and turn-around time are awesome

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