kx100 quick jetting ?

Playing with the jetting. On my 100 after doing a top end and a few mods.

Mods are

-vf3 reeds

-pc works pipe

-pc shorty

-phat head with 6cc dome 2 steps up from stock running on c12.

Jetting right now is stock pilot, main bumped to a 142 "may be to big" need to ride it more, all dealer had so im trying it. Stock needle clip 2 from bottom. The plug looks really good so far. My problem is it is always wants to stall at idle. The air screw has little affect so I'm thinking my pilot is to big? Is my thinking right on this?

OK, 1st question, did you adjust your idle?

2nd Q, does it stall in N or when in gear/clutch in? If in gear, may need clutches or adjustment.

I can't see why it won't idle if you adjust it up a bit.

nope clutch is fine and yes i tried raising the idle i wont go any more. and choke doesn't really help.

It does seem like it should go in alot more. I need to pull the idle screw out and have a look.

Double check your pilot. Sounds like you got some dirt or something in there. May want to do a cleaning. You said you're running c12. I sell and run race fuel. It's twice as dirty as Diesel. We use very fine filters when pouring from can or from drum. It's unreal how much dirt and junk is in there.

Idea what, pour 5 gal can of C12 into white VP jug. The pour back into can leaving just a very small amount in jug to keep from emptying all the dirt back in can. Then look to see how much garbage is sitting on the bottom. Coming from a 55gal drum is even worse.

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