keep bike in same gear or have her screaming around track

I have an 07 KX 450F and I was wondering is it strain on the motor to keep it in second gear around some of the berms and and just lug out of it. It pulls no problem but it feels like the motor is awfully low in the rpms maybe I should just go faster :-) or should I down shift to first and scream it out of the corner. Also there is this big 3rd gear triple I am dying to hit but my question is how do you prevent the nose end from flying up off take off? Should I let off last minute then blip it at the lip or just hammer down and hit it any help would be awesome new to track thanks!

Lugging 2nd gear will not hurt the motor. Just make sure to apply some throttle so you don't kill the motor. I wouldn't shift to 1st unless absolutely necessary because you want to avoid going past neutral if possible. You don't want a miss shift that lands you in neutral because then you will just tip over in the corner. As far as the triple, it is hard to describe how to do a jump I have never seen but I would stay on the gas off the jump face. 4 strokes will have more issue with the front being too low, more than too high. Either way you can control with throttle position in the air. If the front is too high, just totally let off the gas. Good luck going big.

Thanks second gear is the ticket for this track except the straight with the triple that's defin third gear and I have noticed that the front does like to dip but I dont mind that its a pretty easy fix just blip the throttle but whenever the front end shoots up I always panic and never think to hit the rear brake. Thanks for the advice ill try it out tonight!

running second gear wont strain the motor. just lean forward on the face of the up ramp and is should then be right in the air

u may want to try riding the track in third gear, I have an 08 kx 450f and the difference between 2nd gear and 3 gear is huge on the suspension. in 2nd you'll get beat up on a choppy track in 3rd it seems to settle the suspension down. running in third will help you carry more speed through the corners. let the thing chug a bit, the 450f have lots of grunt. once i started doing third on a fairly tight track i frequent i smoothed out and lasted longer:thumbsup:

Yeah I think I will try that and it'll help me be smoother through the corners ill defin give it try I've got the track pretty dialed in just gota get faster

2nd gear lugging wont hurt the motor but you can use the clutch also to help you, slip it a little like a two stroke if you feel that she's going to stall.

Dropping into first means youve no travel in your gears coming out which will cause you to shift as soon as your out of the corner. Save yourself some effort by slipping the clutch :thumbsup:

Im good friends with a past irish champion here and he always told me never to use first on a four stroke unless completely needed.

As for the jump, lean forword, it'll help balance the bike out.

I never use 1st on a track, and on most MX tracks I'm in and out of turns in 3rd gear with no problem. 450's have a lot of low end power and on most tracks you can ride in 3rd gear except for open long stretches. I only use 2nd on real tight turns.

First gear should be avoided at all costs on an MX track for the reason stated above. It sounds like you may benefit from going up a tooth or two on the rear sprocket to gear it a little slower so the RPM's aren't so low in 2nd gear.

i dont know how ur trak is but my 06 yz 450f stays in forth the entire time around the track. geared one taller of course. I must say tho i use the clutch to get me outta some trouble.

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