new to pit bikes, can someone help me with this CL add before I buy

I am new to pit bikes but am wanting to get a couple for me and the boy to tool around on, I found this one local to me the seller claims it to be a 08 KTM 110cc 4 stroke, 4 speed.

Only thing is I wanted to research this bike this morning before I went and looked at it tonight and I cant find anything about it, I cant even find it in the 08 KTM lineup.

Can anyone help me find out any info on this bike, Is it a fake KTM Chinese made bike?

...Is it a fake KTM Chinese made bike?

Yep, you're correct...

One of the cheap cheesy companies is putting a KTM-type looking muffler on it, calling it an OEM KTM factory part. KTM doesn't make pitbikes, and never has.

Agreed , not KTM (Austria)

Looks like a bottom end entry level Pit bike

For that money you wont find much.

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