295 questions

The time has come to revamp my 295. Im switching from broad 110 olney to mid/high 110 olney. After talking to eric some more options came up. Who has a port milled on the side of there 295 piston. The first 3 pistons I ran through my 295 were never ported. Eric is machiening some ported pistons so I can try them out. He said he leaves the piston with no port for most 295 kits. He said the 295 would be alot more zippy with the ported piston.

While I have the top end apart im going to redo the lower end too. Ditch the weisco crank and put a new oem one in. I also had a guy custom make ceramic bearings for the engine too.

I would really like to hear the results of these ported pistons because I am going to have to do a top end soon. I would not mind having a little more go and I all ready have the mid-top end ported 295 cylinder. I really like the porting, mine feels very much like the completely stock (06 in my case) engine but much more from bottom to top and comes on slightly earlier. I have the "pump gas" head but mine at 2800ft elevation detonates at stock timing setting and jetted well with 91 octane gas so its a bit tighter than Eric thought but thats ok because I love the way it runs with vp U4.4 (103 octane) and Klotz supertechniplate at 32:1 jetted nice and crisp. :ride:I have the stock 06 pipe on with a FMF turbinecore2 s/a muffler and some boyesen pro series dual layer reeds on the stock reed block and that is it as far as engine mods go. :thumbsup:

I love this engine! I ride it on everything from tight technical single track to high speed desert and dunes to MX and SX tracks and it just feels close to perfect for everything to me! The only thing it could use is just a little bit more power and torque from bottom to top without negatively effecting the power curve/power band in any way.:confused:

The hole in the piston skirt like the std 250 piston changes the loop scavanging, giving the on the pipe feel.

The broad band 295 tracks up so well l didn't want to jepardise that when Eric suggested that to me.

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