2007 xr 650l with 7500 miles white smoke

I have a 2007 xr 650l with 7500 miles on it,today i noticed white smoke and burned oil smell.Anybody have any idea.Maybe pistion rings.Also no power loss either,idleing a little higher than normal.Thanks

that would be my guess. The rings on there way out.

Also valve guides.

Does it do it all the time or just when you start it?

Check valve in oil pump goes bad and all oil from tank drains into crankcase. Rings can't hold that much oil back until scavange pump puts it back in tank.

That's unusual for a XR650L, we have a guy in our DS club that had 29k before it started smoking.

What could cause that bike to be smoking with that low of miles on it?

White smoke is water- have you washed the bike lately? Possibly got some water in the exhaust pipe. If ur rings are going you would be getting blue smoke.

Pull exhaust header & see if oil is collecting in either exhaust port?

mines doing that too it has 11000 and i can hear a boiling sound after about five minutes of warming up and i smell oil also.ps im new howdy all

i found my problem i cleaned the motor off found oil leak fron the vale cover gasket hope yours turnes out to be a easy fix like mine.bike was dirty as hell when i bought it as a project not my neg. i clean my other xr after evry ride in the mud

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