Best way to remove rust from my header?

Okay, so I kind of want to shine up my fmf fatty a little bit. Shes got a little bit of rust showing on her, and it needs to go. Just wondering what you guys do to clean up those 2 stroke exhausts.I was going to get some rust remover gel or something like that and maybe fine sand paper? thanks :thumbsup:


Any good rust remover will work for the rust. As far as polishing the pipe, IMO there is nothing better than Mothers Billet Metal Polish.

sweet man, thanks. I'll try and pick some of that stuff up.

NP, incidentally - the more polish and friction used the shinier it'll get. Once, I spent a couple hours on a small section of my Fatty just to see how good it could get. I'm honestly saying I could see individual whiskers on my face, almost mirror quality.

what did you use to rub in the polish? regular cloth?

Yep, one of those red Wally World shop rags.

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