Need help with 98 XT225 Carb

I'm helping a buddy out with his bike that runs clean at times and not so at others. He never knew about the fuel screw because he 'looked all around the carb' and couldn't see it. So I cleaned his carb for him (it needed it badly) and the bog went away with the fuel screw all the way in. I can order a smaller pilot jet for the carb but need help with the fuel screw.

It took much work to get the adjustment done because of the pipe on the right side and tensioner on the left. Even an extended 't-handle' type wouldn't be much better because of the location, especially if the engine is hot!

Are there any flexible fuel screws available for this bike? Mikuni carb (34mm I think)

Any other tips or tricks to adjusting fuel screw?

Cooler spring mornings and hot Tennessee afternoons require a better and faster adjustment. How to???

Not well versed on these carbs, but before you go too far on the jetting, I'd be sure the valves were properly set, and there were no vacuum or other leaks. Plus, check the float level. If anything, I would guess you would need richer idle mixture, not leaner. So if you're leaning it out, there are other problems.

There are no modern street legal emission compliant that I'm aware of that need to be leaned out to run correctly. Most benefit from being enriched. I think going leaner is fixing the symptom, not the problem. How's the plug? What condition is the slide diaphragm? Any and all o'rings and seals/gaskets?

As for adjusting: they make a right angle drive screwdriver for adjusting carb banks on multi cylinder bikes, and one of those screwdriver handle with the speedometer cable shafts that fits a 1/4 drive socket. I've used these to get at pilot screws in tight and excessively hot places.

He can get an extended pilot screw from Kientech. Get this one (DR125SE, 200SE, DR250/350 (off road and dual sport), AND DR650S/SE Extended fuel screw


As for jetting, most XT225 owners, myself included go with the 130 main / 42.5 pilot combo, with the pilot screw out around 2.5 to 3 turns....:ride:

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