Predicting a price?

I have my 2004 Suzuki RMZ 250 completely done and ready to put up for sale locally. But, I'm trying to find a happy medium price? The economy is sh*t, but unloading this would help me out on my student loans once they come knocking on my door this August. :thumbsup:

I sold all the high dollar after market items on ebay, except for they Dynoflow Radiators (sp?), the revalved/resprung suspension by RaceTech, and Boysen water impeller & cover. It has all new SS Kibblewhite valves & springs, Wiseco piston, Hot Rods Cams Stage II, Wiseco timing chain, and a new OEM crank. The bike did not blow up on me, but it was weak and the OEM valve train was horrible. Before I forget it also has new new Michelin MS3 tires. (I put the front one on after the pics) Either way I'm losing my ass on this sale, but not sure of what price? I see some in the area going for $1700-$2300. I also have a ton of extras to go with the bike. So, I'm turning to my TT brethren to find a good price to sell the bike for?

*BTW, that is not oil on's coolant overflow* :confused:



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