Edelbrock carb gas mileage - mine sucks!

I am out in Moab and running the new Edelbrock I bought and I checked my gas mileage and I was getting about 30 miles to the gallon. This surprised me given that I am doing a 200 mile ride tomorrow and my 4 gallon tank will only get me 120 miles. Anyone else experiencing this type of mileage?

I get about the same with the mikuni pumper - forced me to buy the o/s tank myself too.

I'm guessing you're pretty quick too...I ride mine pretty hard to get that mileage.

Odd. I have had a 400, 440, 600 and a 628 with Edelbrocks and fuel mileage was improved over the stock carb in every case. Even the big 628 would go 90-100 miles on a stock tank of gas.

I get 35-40 MPH with my 435 with pumper carb. I run a little lean on the pilot jet. With a 4gal tank I can go 140 before reserve.

On my stock XR600 I just got 33 MPH on a 480 mile trip last weekend. We rode from Jawbone through Death Valley to Baker on to Barstow, 4 Corners and back to Jawbone all dirt with lots of single track. With a 5gal tank I can go about 150 before reserve.

Now I don't feel so bad. Just did the White Rim Trail today and did about 110 miles without hitting reserve. I was guessing about 120 out of the tank. I plan on running it dry to see how many miles I can get. My mileage on the WRT was probably both good and bad - some stretches of 30 mph and others we crawled.

i dont know your riding style, but just a reminder,unless you are 1st-2nd gear putting around,offroad if you stay on the gas, you have ALOT of wheelspin, your back wheel & motor put alot more miles than your front wheel-driven trip meter(or a g.p.s.)will indicate. m.p.g. offroad does in no way compare to m.p.g. on road.

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