Slime in rear trials tire?

Turns out I have a slow leak in my GasGas's rear tire. Been spraying the rims, spokes and valve with soapy water, but haven't found it yet. Well....I did find that the valve was leaking and replaced it, but it must be leaking elsewhere.

Just wondering if Slime is a good idea since the tire is still in great shape?

Downsides, besides the mess when you get 'round to replacing the tire?


I have used Stans No Tubes before with excellent results. (similar to slime - but I think may work better - my Mt bike buddies tell me so anyway)

I say its worth a shot - many purists feel you should fix the root problem. This is the one area of the bike that I feel its OK to wait until you NEED to fix the problem.

I agree with the above ... It can wait , wrassling that tire is no fun. How long does it hold air ?? I recently replaced rear tire and gained a small leak @ valve stem im the process..I bought a new valve stem, but am not installing it unless my leak gets worse(holds air for about 3 days before it's FLAT !!) A little silicone around the valve stem/rim worked for me . I will replace it with my next rear tire change. Id rather pump it occasionally than fight with the tire again(and of course you're going to check air pressure every ride anyways , sooo...) just my $.02.. Chad:cheers:

I run tube tires tubeless on two of my bikes and I've had tires with slow leaks thru the casing so try one more test; inflate to 35-40psi and spray soapy water on the tire, or dunk the wheel into a tire test tank. I found air leaking from the base of knobs and also between knobs. My fix was to paint the inside of the casing with slime.

I've also had problems with slow air leaks in the bead area on tubeless tires so a careful cleaning of the rim and tire bead plus a coat of slime helps there. Careful with the tire irons because they can damage the tire bead resulting in air leaks.:thumbsup:

I've run slime in my rear tires for 2 tears now, works perfect. I have about 250 studs in the tubeless tire that stick right through, so the slime seals around the studs in the winter, and then seals the holes when I spin the studs out in the summer.

No downsides, but be careful if you bead the tire with the slime in it. I did that in my livingroom, there was a bit between the rim and the bead, and that went ballistic when the beam snapped in place and painted my wall and ceiling. Toss an old towel over if you're beading.

I run tire slim as well. There is no way my tires would hold air if they didn't have slim in them. They are really beat up, and I have two plugs in the tread that have been there 2 years or so.

Thanks for all the responses guys!

I'll definitely be "sliming" my rear tire...that should fix the slow leak, and sounds like the way to go since the tire is in super shape still.

I even have a bottle of the stuff in my maybe tonight over a beer, I'll get slimy! :thumbsup:

The reason I said "paint" is because I had problems getting the slime to spread evenly inside the tire and seal the leaks, fixed by brush application. Also painting with a paint brush uses a lot less slime for a weight saving.:thumbsup:

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