Valve Timing XR650L

I have had to put a reconditioned bottom end on my engine - the original one suffered severe oil starvation when the oil feed pipe was daaged.

it was from one of the early 650s but in extremely good condition. I used the cylinder and head from my 08 engine. I cannot get the timing marks to line up with the head when the T mark is showing in the flywheel cover.

It lines up perfectly with the F - if I move it one tooth it does not line up at all. Has anyone any ideas - if it is not a problem and lining up with the F am I correct in thinking it will be slightly advanced valve timing and will that hurt?

I am at your mercy................

Any help or advice would be welcome

Regards to all


With the flywheel at the T mark you need to put the chain on the cam shaft sprocket so you get it as close as possible to where its supposed to be. It might not be exactly bang horizontal. If your a tooth off you'll know right away. Be sure the timing chain is tight on the side opposite to the chain tensioner. Take a picture of the marks and post it here if you need confirmation that it is correct.

hello - thank you for the swift response - have tried everything - with the F mark all is lined up - It will not line up on the T it is half a tooth out. I have fitted as you suggested and this is the result.

Sorry having problems hosting picture - if you send me your email address to I will email the picture

just post your pics on , you dont need to sign up just upload your pics and post the URL to your pics here. I'm at work right now so I can't access my email here, just trying to help you get out of your bind.

Thanks - do appreciate it - I am in the bush in The Gambia and getting very hot and frustrated

all gears look good - as does the chain. sadly I do not have a new chain to compare - but all was ok on the damaged engine - checked before I stripped to down

If your on the T mark your one tooth off. Put the cam one tooth counter clockwise. Do that and repost a new image to confirm.

Thats the best your going to get for now because I think your timing chain is stretched to its limit. I just had my engine apart last weekend and my marks were almost horizontal but yours are quite far off, I would plan on changing your timing chain and lower sprocket (top sprocket as well) in the near future. Your tensioner must be close or at its maximum limit.

Is it my imagination or is that Camchain not sitting correctly on the top sprocket..,,almost as though it's the wrong chain for the sprocket...Timing doesn't look that out to me,,bit of float there but to me that's semi normal..

Agree with D0T-C0M, the chain is stretched.

I agree with creeky....:thumbsup:

Thank you so kindly for the help - I will be ordering from TT asap - hope you have a good weekends riding - David

Thanks all for the help - new parts fitted and bike is now running well.

Did you change the timing chain after all and if so did the marks line up like they should?

i had issues with mine. the wide spline doesnt exist on my crank, so i could rotate lower sprocket on crank any position, all the way around. at first i could never get it aligned. finally i found the sweet spot where it did line up...perfectly. the sprocket teeth dont line up with the splines, maybe a ratio that is slightly off. i didnt count them, i just figure, but anyrate, if they are not the same, certain points in relation to the each other will eventually sync up, kinda like two blinkers next to each other, they might flash at different rates, but at some point they flash together for a bit. find the right spline to crank position that gives you the same effect. good luck.

New chain did the trick, both sprockets were OK so didn't change them - everything lined up and now running sweet as a nut

Again, Thanks

:smirk: Good deal

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