2011 RMZ250 dies when get on gas

Just had a new top end put in bike. Son took it to ride yesterday. Bike fired up easy rode it slow for a lap. When he got on the gas bike just cut out. He could not get the bike to start back up.

When I got home kicked and kicked and finally got the bike to fire up. When I wacked the throttle the bike cut out.

Took it back to shop today and got the bike to start. The mechanic rode it and when he got on the gas the bike died.

Any ideas what might be the problem?

your jet might not be tightned all the way, this had happened to me to

cap/coil not seated fully.

Drain your fuel tank and carb, clean carb bowl, put at least 92 octane fuel back in the tank (make sure its fresh from the pump not fuel that's been sitting). Should solve your issue

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