Moving to Prince George, lots $$ just need a bike

Hello all

Ive had my first bike a drz-400 super-moto for 2 years in vancouver and now i need something better set up for off road as im moving up north to prince george

Ive ridden a lot of everything off-road but never owned a motorbike myself till my Z

Im wondering if i should just change up my Z or buy a dirtbike

can anyone from up there tell me what the best type of riding is?

my first plan was to buy a buddys motocross bike, a honda crf 250 r, but my dad and his buddy are saying the most fun is on a logging road so setting up my DRZ for off road might be a better option

putting duel sport tires on the drz is the least i would change even if i got the dirtbike

i just dont know! and i move on friday...

I lived in BC for a long time, had a KTM 640 (an Ex$pen$ive big bike) for fire roads and adventure camping. Now I'm older, i think i would've been happier spending the money on a DRZ instead. If you're really serious about another bike, buy a used 2-stroke dirtbike for fun times & keep the DRZ for a commuter/adventure tourer role. it's true, 2 bikes makes you twice as happy!

I lived in pg for a couple of years and rode a lot of gravel roads and highways, no trails as I had a streetbike. I didn't see much for trails, but wasn't looking for them so can't really help you, except to say: that area has been heavily logged for generations, so there has got to be a ton of trails. I'd get a set of dirt wheels for the sm and ride it until I found the limits. A dualsport will be a lot of fun for exploring old logging roads and prospector trails in the mountains.

The SM with dirt wheels is an incredible dirt adventure machine.... its surprising

Don't really need the bigger 21" front wheel unless you're 'seriously' off-roading.

Maybe try before you buy anything else?

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