Home Brew Chain Guide

Well, After getting my son's TTR, we have set about making it a bit more trail ready. The first thing i noticed was the lame attempt at a chain guide that all stockers come with. I checked out all the upgrade threads and BBR looked like they owned the market on TTR upgrades but the prices were a bit :thumbsup:

So i poked around the shop and found most of the bits and pieces to make our own. I used .125" aluminum for the sides and cutting board material for the sliders. This will need to be modified if you have a larger than stock rear sprocket. Sorry about the muddy bike but we just got out of the woods from testing it out. The upper two bolts line up with the existing chain guard holes. The front one goes thru both side plates of the guide from the back side and the locknut keeps it from stripping out the threads and locks it in place. The rear bolt just holds the outer plate. You will need to remove material from the cutting board plate where the mounting tab on the swingarm will fit. I just made a paper template and used forstner bits in the drill press to remove it. I used threaded rod and hex cap furniture nuts to bolt it together. I made the spacer for the front top bolt from a bit of metal tube that fit snugly over the treaded rod. All aluminum was cut on the bandsaw and then sanded smooth with a file and sanding block. It can be be cut by hand with a jigsaw as well. I recommend drilling the two plates together so the upper front bolt will be perfectly aligned. The placement of the bottom two bolts isn't crucial and can be drilled all at once after the parts are cut out. As you can see on the side plates, I widened the opening so the side plates of the chain didn't rub. The chain will pretty quickly seat itself and remove material as it gets used. This plan will allow the two innermost plastic pieces to be replaced if they become too worn. Total Cost was about $15 (had to buy a cutting board, scrap aluminum from a metal shop, and the upper bolt/nut). Stuck the Primary Drive sticker on it 'cause i had a bunch of 'em sitting around from my last Rockymountain order.





Hope this helps someone from having their case eaten by a skipped chain and keeps a few extra bucks in your pocket.

Stay tuned for the REAL Skid Plate project!

Congrats on stepping up... can't wait to see how the next project turns out.


I like that might have to make it for my girlfriends bike. except ill proli powdercoat it testing my hand at powdercoating

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