DR350 sputter problem

Hello Everyone

At high RPM's my 91 DR 350 starts to stutter - kinda seems like its staving for gas or could this electrical problem anybody got any ideas they would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:

Do you have a tachometer?

The DR's have a rev-limiter that kicks in at about 9,000, 9,500 RPM

Yeah have the tach actually it starts the sputter problem at around 4 to 6K which is below the redline on the tach - It is just as if its cutting out and sputtering - seems to idle fine but it also has a thing about the idle reving when in neutral 2 to 3K - then you put a load to it it seems to stop that for a while - Ideas

Thanks a lot

I'd start by thoroughly cleaning the carb if you haven't already done so recently.

I thought so - I'm on it this weekend


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