New Company Offering New Products - TaKaI

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I am the CEO of WeaponX Performance Products Inc and we are opening a subsidiary company called TaKaI racing ( which will be directed towards powersport performance enthusiasts such as yourselves. We have been in business since 2005 producing performance ignition related products in the automotive market and are now expanding to the powersport market to provide some of our accessories directly to you guys.

For a little about myself, I am an electrical engineer by trade and started in the business by engineering for companies such as GM, Magna, Honda to name a few. My personal journey started when I produced parts for my Ford Mustang. Some people showed interest and I took the dive and started to mass produce those same parts. Some of those parts are now involved in reliably powering vehicles in excess of 1500hp but this isn't where my passion for speed started! :thumbsup:

I myself grew up in a rural town with many moto trails and started with a Suzuki Quadsport which I still miss and then moved to a madly modded 85 KX 2 stroke. My roots are primarily 2 stroke, so I must admit, I'm a fan :confused: (don't get me wrong 4 stroke guys, I still have respect! :worthy: ) I am now returning to my roots and offering our parts and services to help the powersport community improve the performance of their rides as well.

In the coming days I will post some technical information about our products for information purposes. I am looking forward to talking and discussing our product lineup with everyone so if there are any questions, even technical questions, I would be very glad to talk about them with everyone.

Have a great day and talk to you soon,


Sounds great :thumbsup:.

and I suppose you like long walkes on the beach and sunny days?

This is a motorcycle site, not a dating site! What are you trying to sell us?

look forward to seeing your products,on the personal side im married with children,so im not interested...lololjkjk

Look forward to hearing more about your product lineup

Oh, and very nice website!

make something for a 1996 cr250..and then send it to me for testing....if the produt is over 300 bucks....then ill...go on cam and flash you??? haha

welcome to the site BTW!!

Thanks for the welcome everyone!

As for the wife and kids, I totally understand your sentiments! LOL :worthy:

For a quick and dirty, some of the products we have developed are High Powered Super Coils (M-RAIKOU), Spark plugs (R-TYPE) that use existing technologies in F1 and aviaton where reliability and performance are a requirement. Ignition spark enhancers (AtoMX) and tuning software which is coming soon.

Choppertown, I hope your a woman. Otherwise I would prefer the cam stays on the trail! (just joking, my better half would kill me :confused: ) In any case, for the CR250, we already have you covered. (pictures attached) Everything is slated for official release in 1 - 2 weeks. Most of our prototype equipment has already went through extensive testing, been fought over and there is already a back order for some stuff from some professional teams. We wanted to join the forum just to inform everyone of the products we have and what we will be able to do for everyone.

What I will do is focus week by week on each product, the differences, field questions and in general share some of the information and differences from our product to the OE components.

I will start by posting a thread on our M-RAIKOU Super Coils tomorrow unless someone wants me to start somewhere else first.

LMK and thanks again for the welcome everyone. :thumbsup:




Cannot wait to see what is in-store for us riders!

i see your in ONT. are you guys a canadian based company? or are you fully canadian and manifacture stuff in house, on canadian soil?

All the ignition stuff is Canadian based which is built and designed in house. The tuning side of things will be handled by our U.S. division.

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