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Anyone use Fox Main Goggles with a Tear offs?

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I got a set of Fox Main googles (not the Pro) in December. The lense in them comes with two tear off posts but there is no third tear off post on the strap or on the side.

I've been going back and forth with Fox Customer Support for several months now trying to locate a post. The e-mail they sent me last week was this:

"We do not have a third tear off post for your main goggles. There is a third tear off post included in some of the tear off sets but it does not fit the main goggle, only the Main Pro."

Are you kidding me? :thumbsup:

Does anyone use the Fox Main Goggles, not the Fox Main Pro, and use them with Tear Offs? If so, what third tear off post are you using?


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i have tons of goggles including the fox mains.

I ALWAYS run tearoffs

when i use a goggle that doesn't have a 3rd post incorporated in the frame like the main pro's i usually just fold the flap over into the second post.

you can always add a third post to your strap, those usually come in packs of tearoffs. I'm not sure if FOX tearoffs come with that extra post tho.

I bet if you went to your moto shop they probably have an extra tear off post/strap deal they would give you.

good luck!

FYI fox lenses are made by oakley, maybe if you contact oakley they would send you the little strap/tap/post thing......

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