rocket or sumo

for those of u that went from a rocket to a sumo what do u think. the decision is between an 04 gsxr 600 or an 09 wr250x. both for 4 grand. i would be using it for commuting and just cruisin around doing some wheelies with some buddies. ive never had supermoto before so i kinda want one but i dont wanna regrette my decision. what do u guys that have had both think

Street bike for street... dirt bike for offroad. Anything else is just a compromise.

I have a WR250X and for everything other than highway cruising the sumo is way more fun. I used to have a crotch rocket too. The sumo will be cheaper to own, insure, and maintain and is probably a fair bit safer IMO.

Go for the WRX!

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