Has anyone bought a folding ramp off ebay?

Just bought a new ride that has a short bed so time for a smaller loading ramp. I was browsing ebay and came across some folding ramps there. They're about half the cost of other name brand ramps and look practically the same. Some of them even come with straps to attach to your trailer hitch.




They look pretty good.....I would say for loading a dirt bike.....should be good to go....

Go for the first one. It can hold more weight and the seller has a 100% rating.

I have #1 and it works fine.

i got a 9' folding ramp from discountramps a year ago. i needed the long one bc my trucks lifted and it folds into 3' so i can lock it in the cab. it was $150 to my door (in canada). its heavy but gets the job done

They are both the same ramp, looks like the 2nd one is a bit less. My buddy has one of these cheapies and it's great- nice and light, plenty sturdy.

First one purchased and should be on my doorstep Friday. Thanks everyone! Saved me about $70

I have a similar ramp that I bought for about $100 from Chapparal (I think) several years ago and it works fine. It can get a bit tough/steep when combined with my height of 5"9' on a good day, pushing up a 2001 WR426 into a 2011 Ram 2500 diesel. The truck is just really tall at the tailgate. I've used the ramp on several other trucks, including 2 other Dodge 2500s, but the new one is scary.

I was just considering getting something wider so it isn't quite so dangerous when the bike's front wheel gets to the tailgate and I have to step up onto my plastic bikestand. It is right then that if anything goes wrong, the bike is going down and probably right on top of me.

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