Confirming year of head

Is there any way to confirm what year a head is? My bike is suppose to have an 09 head. It has an MDK sticker on the side of it, so I'm curious if its had any work done. Does MDK or Blonix keep a record of work done? Could I give them the engraved number/letters on the intake side of it?

The only way you can ID your head is to look at the intake and exhaust ports. The engraving on the side is only there so you can confirm that the uniquely machined cam caps are being used with head that they were machined on. Some of the photos have been taken from I added one too...but I don't have the 09R head shown. Maybe this will help give you something to start with though. The best thing to do is find someone with a confirmed 09R head that is doing a valve job and ask them to take a good picture of the intake and exhaust ports.


Thanks. I'm going to pull the exhaust and carb tonight or tomorrow and look at the ports.

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