Fcr o ring video

I recently purchased a used fcrmx carb on ebay. I know not the smartest of moves, but it was one of those moments of weakness at 4am after working a 12 midnight shift.

I installed the carb, in the prim. position the carb constantly overflows, in the "on" position it will only overflow when the bike is idleing on the kick stand. I removed the carb and removed the needle seat to find the o ring very dry and it is flate. See included video


should this o ring be round. Is it possible to pick one up from a hardware store if so what size is it.Or is it just a matter of trial and error to see what will fit. Could this have been the source of my problem. What should the float height set at.

In the second video is the carb I was told it is a fcrmx 39


Can anyone confirm this from the video.

Last and final question the vent line are old, what size are they I want to replace them.

Sorry for the lame videos...I shot them with my ipod and it easier to post to utube video than it is to post picks.

thanks for the help.

The carb looks like a FCR-MX 39mm. Did the seller say what type of bike it came off of?

The hoses are 1/4" diameter I think?

The carb looks like a FCR-MX 39mm. Did the seller say what type of bike it came off of?

The hoses are 1/4" diameter I think?


do you have an ebay link for the carb?

Doubt you'll find the oring at a hardware store. Cyclewearables has it.

Yes, that is a FCR-MX, I hope the intake bell is the right one, else you'll need to order it too. Might want to note what jetting is in it and be sure to have a 155, 158 and a 160 main jet on hand the EMN needle and a brand new #45 pilot along with a non-alloy fuel screw.

Does the carb have a leak jet? If so, you will want to remove it, solder it cloeds and reinstall it.

Seller said he had the carb on a Drz s. Thanks for the help. I just bought 1/8 hose. Back to Canadian tire I go for 1/4. That's inside diameter I assume.

It has a 160 main 45 pilot and the emn needle installed on clip 3. Where is the leak jet located. Thanks

I just checked my float bowl. And the leak jet opening look like it has been cast over at the factory.(no opening). I bought 1/4 tube as suggested and it is way too big for the vent lines.

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