Heartfelt thanks to unknown CORCS racer


I took a bad fall at the CORCS race on 4/17 which resulted in me spending 16 days in ICU. I wanted to thank the rider who stopped for me, and stayed with me, until the medics arrived.

I have no idea what your name is, what class you were riding other than you were in the Pro / A / B race, or even any idea what bike you rode.

The thing is that you stopped for me and gave up your race. I could never explain how much that meant while I was laying there on the ground.

If you are a TT member then hopefully you will read this and know how much your act was appreciated. Perhaps a friend of your may read this and passit on. Whomever you are, thank you again from BrokenSpoke2 (Dave Kennedy) and my family. What you did for me that day was a great thing.

The rider that stayed with you was Justin Petty.......we appreciate his efforts also, and he will be getting a free entry or two to upcoming events, as well as a points adjustment if he rides the whole series.

Another thank you goes out to CMM, or Colorado Motocross Medics. They were on the scene to you in about five minutes, they come with ATV's and a side by side with a backboard they used to extract you. They prowl the course, staying in contact via radio the whole time. Now knowing the extent of your injuries, particulary the damage to the aorta, it's quite possible they saved your life.

I mention that not to just to give them the props they deserve, but to make all you racers aware. We had only become aware of their superior, racetrack based services earlier this year. Until now, we have always just used the local paramedic service available, which usually consists of an ambulance on site, that's all. Had that been the case this time, based on where Dave crashed, it would have taken substantially more time to get to him, maybe time he didn't have.

It is substantially more costly to have them on site than a standard ambulance service, but it is our priority to create the safest environment we can and that comes before profits or anything else. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that we made the business decision to have them work with us, and that you are going to recover.

We will always use their service going forward, as well as at our RMEC event. I know that Pete uses them at VDR also. I think they would appreciate it if ya'all would give 'em a big thumbs up when you see them out there. And once again....big thanks to Justin for giving up his race.

Dave, I had noticed you hadn't posted here in awhile. It's truly a relief to hear you're still around!

Congrats to the great folks that got you out of there, and I wish you a speedy recovery!

Dave glad you survived. Sounds like you're one tough hombre!

Justin Petty you are the perfect example of everything right in this world and from one racer to another I thank you and commend you.

I'm going to post this thread on a couple of other forums I frequent and sing praises for onsight professional rescue work (YOU GUYS SAVE LIVES) and also for the greatest people on earth which are the ones who give up a race helping a downed rider. Sportsmanship and genuine human decency like this is increasingly rare in today's world. I'm happy and proud to say real heros like Justin Petty are alive and well in off road racing, however.

It's really cool to read this. Kudos to Justin and CMM.:thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

It's really cool to read this. Kudos to Justin and CMM.:thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

+1 it give me great pleasure to know how awesome the guys are that ride moto. A true family.

Dave i'm sad to know that i won't see you out riding again but very happy to know that you will be able to spend many more years with your family.

Where did you crash at??

good to know there are still people like that around.

Motorcycling, as a whole, brings out the best in people. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Wow....so sorry to hear about the crash. Wish you the best in recovery and in the future! Don't know extent of your injuries, but hoping you surprise the docs with your progress.

Many kudos to the folks who helped you. Perhaps you earned a little karma from your helping Justin Imhoff. Wish you didn't need to use it though.


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