Power commander V with auto tune and rad filling question.

So I've got the bung welded on, autotune installed into the header, power commander hooked up, and the 5 or six wires all plugged in, now where do I put the ground and power cable for the autotune module? Should I double up on the same ground as the powercommander? Should I just tap the power into any 12 volt output?

Has anyone else done this, maybe there is a sweet spot that I haven't found yet. Any problems I might run into getting this thing fired up for the first time, or tips??

Also installed new radiators, supposedly have 30% more capacity, they are thicker so should do a better job at cooling, just wondering if there is an easy way to fill them without any air lock.... there is no bleed on the left side filter :thumbsup:

I was thinking fill then slowly kick the motor over a few times to circulate the fluid.... and repeat till there is no more bubbles and it wont take any more fluid... just a thought though...

the power commander module should be powered by itself just by being hooked up to the harness and dropping onto the regular ground.

for the autotune, there is a connector underneath he front numberplate that has 2-wires and isnt connected to anything- on a parts fiche, you can buy an extra cable that can connect to a battery; these wires are ground and 12V, you can confirm them on the wiring diagram in the manual (i cant remember the colour off hand). I used these to power the autotune, i shortened the wires a lot so it is nice and neat and used a plastic connector.

Previously, at the advice of these forums, i had used the power from the little finned thingy (recifier?) that is just under the tank- it was a mess, with more wires routed around the bike....so right now, i am a lot happier with the new setup.

i will try and find some pictures.

still looking for advice and possibly pics anyone.... am I crazy for going the powercommander v and autotune....??? and need advice to get all the rad fluid in minus the air!!!!

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