Generic jetting?

I recently picked up an 06' KLX110 for my daughter. It came with a FMF pipe and a pod air filter. Bike ran great until last weekend. Now it only starts when choke is on, sputters, back fires a bit and stops after a few seconds. Took the carb apart and cleaned it, but still not working. Will change the plug and checked the fuel lines for blockage next.

When I had the carb apart I started thinking about jetting and began my research. I was quite surprise to see so many recommendations for jetting, but never a mention of where the bike was being ridden. My KTM manual has very specific settings for various altitudes and temperatures. Is the KLX more forgiving than my KTM or are there a lot of people giving recommendations without enough information?

I know that you need to fine tune any engine for the riding conditions, but I'm no mechanic and I certainly don't know a whole lot about reading plugs so I'm kind of counting on getting it nearly perfect 1st time. We typically ride (McLean Creek, Calgary, AB) between 5000 - 7500ft with the average temperature around 21 celcius.

Given the mods and other specifics, what would you recommend for jetting?



I just picked up a 2007 KLX110 for cheap because it ran real bad. It to would only start with the choke on and idle down very slowly. What I found was the pilot jet was completely clogged, so I used a very small strand of copper wire and poked through it. I plan on opening up the intake and exhaust and just ordered a 40 pilot and 85 main from, the needle will be raised with a washer. I would think the KTM would be a little "picky" as far as jetting goes. Hopefully I will be done with it this weekend, I'm at about 5000'.

Thanks for the reply. I am curious to see if the 40/85 combo work well at that altitude. If you think about it, please post back.

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