ford e350 mpg?

does anyone know what kind of mpg's a 1991 ford e350 with a 5.8l will get? or same van in the 5.0l? thanks

My 07 E350 with 5.4L Gas motor, 33" tires and 4:10 gears get 12-16 mpg.

Across the board, any of those three engines will be mid teens if driven sanely. The 5.4L will do better than the previous generations, but not a ton (maybe 1-2 mpg).

17mpg on an 1800 mile rt to the MXoN last fall in our '03 5.4 extended E350 with very little weight inside. Somewhere around 68k on the clock at that point. Heading for Florida before long(1950 mi RT)I'll check the mpg again.

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