Quick intro and an FMF exhaust question.

Hey guys, just joined up after purchasing a mint 07 WR250f with 40 hours on it. The bike came with a JD kit on it, and the grey wire removed. Brand new tires, fork oil and seals done, a rad system flush and fill, and a brand new clutch. Got all the receits and original registration too.

Anyways my question is in regards to the FMF Factory 4.1 full system. It lists as only being available on the WR450 and YZF250, but not for the WR250. I read great things about the 4.1 and wanted it but only the Powercore lists as available and it doesnt even show as being a full system with the power/mega bomb header. Will a YZF250 4.1 system bolt up to my bike if i get one for a 06?

Just for S&Gs, do they list them separately for your bike? Welcome to the forum man! Keep asking questions when you got them!

Thanks for the link. When you do a specific bike search it lists the 4.1 muffer and header as available, but not when u look at the general product lists.....weird. Thanks for the help.

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