HIP armor for riding shorts....

Hi all,

I'm using MSR shorts while riding and they don't have any padding at all on the hips or upper leg portion. I've had two lazy falls recently and both times I got hurt on the hip and upper leg region. Im looking for some armor or protection and can't seem to find anything.

So far all I've seen is some under garments with very very thin padding and I don't think this would help much. I've even looked at hockey gear (too bulky and does not breathe) and football padding...no good.

Any advice is appreciated, please post link to a product if you have a suggestion :thumbsup:

alpinestars bionic freeride shorts.


they're not cheap, but they are the only ones i could find that have hard plastic armor rather than just foam. because of the hard plastic armor, they do a great job of spreading the force of the impact.

my only complaint about them is that they do not have a drawstring. to get a size that fits my legs, i had to get a size that is a bit too big for my waist, so the waist line tends to creep down a bit (though having pants on over them snugly helps keep them in place well enough). they provide great impact protection for your thighs/hips (and tailbone), though.

Awesome! any other suggestions before I go ahead with this one?

I bought some shorts from Academy made by Under Armour. They have padding on the top and side of the thighs, hips and tail bone. Very comfortable and they have a compartment for a cup too.

TLD has some. I like them.

Awesome feedback! Now which one to choose lol! :thumbsup:

I wear Tekrider shorts... unfortunately they don't make them anymore, but occasionally they show up on craigslist/fleabay. They're made for Sno-X racing, but I rarely wear them on the sled and almost always wear them on the bike.

Good hard armor (UHMW+foam) on hips, lower back, and thighs. 1/4" foam padding on the back of the leg and ass. Nice because that gives you a little more cushion on the seat, but not so bulky it feels like you're wearing a diaper.

Hard armor on the thighs, gray is mesh. Comfortable even in warm weather.


All the black area on the back is padded. Hard armor in the hips and under the checkered/orange area, foam everywhere else.


Armor's all removable. I pull the thighs (these) out since my knee guards cover what these do. With the cheap knee/shin guards, these would probably fit a lot better.


Check out the under shorts made by Klim. I have not tried them, but they look pretty good. I think I will buy them or the ones made by 661.

Most of those mentioned are good with the exception of price. If your budget allows, fine, but for the rest of us there are alternatives that don't cost a bunch. A good friend of mine showed me that by taking the thin pads from the more cost effective shorts and tracing them onto a curved piece of plastic, cutting it out and then glueing it to the foam makes for some serious protection. What works well for the plastic are empty 5 gallon paint pails or the pails that they sell at Home Depot. Since I have a pool, the empty chlorine buckets work just great. The curvature of the plastic bucket is very close to the curvature of my hips. Actually I cut the plastic a little bit smaller than the pad so there was no sharp edge. Once you're done remaking your pads they fit back into the pockets in the shorts and work just fine. For me they have been tested more times than I care to think about but certainly offer a lot more protection. If your foam pads are very large, you can cut the plastic into segments before glueing it to the foam to allow for flex and movement. If you do it right, you can make some very protective and inexpensive riding shorts. I should mention that you want the foam next to your body and the plastic on the outer side.

Red Dog, that is a great idea. Good old fashioned American ingenuity getting the job done! :thumbsup:

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