SX tix Presale


So Atl SX tix go on sale friday. Or presale today w a code.

Anyone have the code, Last 2 years I've got my great tix of the link provided on but paid nearly double face value both time. Last year I even purched release day.

I'd really like to get some good ones at face value for 2012

Awesome , Thanks Dan

I got lucky and was able to buy mine right when they sent me the code on 5/9. Sadly I have to sell because someone already bought me a couple

These are for sell if anyone wants them, section 212, row 1, seats 1/2. Just PM me if interested.

are they cheaper if you buy early?

Only 5.00 more day of the race, but you kinda get your pick of the seats when you pre-order...Plus, they're pretty easy to re-sell in pairs if need be. those tickets I bought have already been sold, on facebook none the less! LOL

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