cutting 230 fork springs

how much would be a good starting piont to cut the stock front springs?

should i cut most of the softer part off, or leave some? anyone done this beside john?

john who?

Why shorten the 'springs'?

and then what?

a bit more info wouldn't go amiss!!!


you cut springs to make then stiffer.

I just did a write up on the TTR 230 I did this to.

Measure the length of the spring before you cut it. Cut 3 inches off of the tightly wound side.

Cut a PVC spacer to replace what you cut off, plus another half inch. So, if your spring was 25 inches prior to the cut, the cut spring plus the spacer should be just over 25 inches.

Replace the spring and spacer in the fork, and fill with 15 weight oil. This is a fast easy cheap fix, and you can tell the difference.

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