CRM 250? in the US?

I am interested in one but have never seen them for sale in the US.. I have a CR250r now but would love the CRM or even get a hold of the lower gear case.. Would I be able to use it on my 1996 CR250r? that 6th gear is really inticing for the desert riding out here..

I think you could find one in the UK or EU part of the world.

You might check the auction sites in the UK and/or EU zone...

You should check out yahoo auctions japan many parts there for CRM's I know how to get the parts from there done it often for my 2 smoker street rides from japan.

Yeah. I have seen them all over the uk sites. Don't want to pay to ship a whole bike. Anyone know if the lower end is the same?

The CRM 250's had a six-speed gear box and a "RC-style" power valve controlled by other means than the gear-driven way your 96 is controlled. In short, they are definetely different motors for sure.

You might want to try the following site for more info (and great pics, too)

Also try this site for a wide-ratio gear kit Pricey but nice if money is no object to you.

Pics for all the rest here to drool over . . . :smirk:

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