Durelle Gel Seat or SDG Seat?

I got the One Industries F-One Graphic Kit a little over a month ago from Motosport for $60. (This is the exact kit, I got one of the last two from Motosport. http://www.chaparral-racing.com/Product/one-industries-f-one-graphic-kit/028-KIT-HO262-F1.aspx ) It's originally $230 so I figured why the hell not. It looks cool, I needed graphics, and the price was right. However, the kit is for a 2008 crf250r. I have a 2006 250x. I'm aware that not everything is going to line up perfectly, but I figure with a little creative scissor-work, I can make it look good It came with front and rear fender graphics, radiator shroud graphics, tank graphics, number plate graphics, fork cover decals, swing arm decals and side panel graphics. It also included a seat cover, red crf250r side panels, a black number plate, and two black fork guards. (I'll be selling the side panels and number plate that came with the kit and other stock plastics on my 250x. If you want anything, email me at kanixon4@gmail.com and we can work a price out.) Anyways, I'm planning on replacing the crossbeam Honda likes to call a seat with the Durelle Gel Seat http://durelleracing.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=306 or this SDG seat http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/10/207/12448/DPITEM/Dirt-Bike-Motocross-Seats-SDG-USA-Replacement-Seat.aspx?WT.ac=SLIsearch

My Questions: Should I get the Durelle or the SDG seat? Which is more comfortable? Will the seat cover I got fit on either one?

All feedback is appreciated!

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No opinions? :thumbsup:

I ordered the sdg seat for my crf450 and It was hard as rock. Went back to my stock seat. Dont know about the durelle seat. I imagine it has to be more comfortable. (Liked watching him ride flattrack in the mid 90s.) :thumbsup:

I put an SDG standard-height/thickness seat on my YZ and it is more comfy than the stock one............to me.

I can't offer any opinions on a gel - haven't tried one.

I had a SDG step seat on my 06 YZ 250f. The worst and most uncomfortable seat I've ever sat on. I havn't heard of the the gel one.

that's about all I need. ! If the seat cover doesnt fit, big whoop. I'll get the Durelle for its comfort. :thumbsup:

how about the acerbis seat??

I dont think they make one that fits the crf250x, do they?

I have a durelle gel seat for my 06 crf250x and happy with it.

The enduro engineering seat looks alright, but i think I'm going to go ahead and get the Durelle seat. Thanks for the help guys :thumbsup:

Anybody have any experience with a Guts Racing Comfort Seat?

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