92 dr650 project

Hey all,

Getting ready to pick a 92 dr650 tonight, has less than 1k miles. Has been sitting for many many years. Getting it from a buddy and it cranks (which makes me feel alittle better) just wondering if any guru's have anything I should check besides the obvious (draining fuel tank and cleaning, cleaning the carb maybe new jets, new spark plug, change oil, check chain and all hoses) wonder if I should check the piston maybe get some oil in there through the spark plug hole? Any insight will help and i will post pictures as it goes along. Thanks in advance

I'd say you are on the right track. Cables re-lubed, check tires for weather rot. Let us know how it goes.:thumbsup:

trying to locate some parts and already having some difficulty any input on some good place to pick up used or new??

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