2000 Rm125 Shrouds

I am going to be looking at a 2000 Rm125 this weekend and i noticed the shrouds look more out dated than the '97/'98 shrouds. Would the shrouds from a '97/'98 bolt right on to the 2000 or would i have to drill holes? Thanks

i plan on switching to 98 shrouds on my 99 rm 125,they will bolt right on,do you happen to have a picture or add of the rm 125?heres my bike



this is what the bike looks like but those shrouds are bugging me. They make the bike look older than it should.


im switching to the 98 shroud,how much is the 125,if you dont mind me asking?

I was going to get it for $850 but the night before i was going to pick it up the stator was having a problem and he couldn't start the thing.

thats the stock 2000 shroud and it is nearly the same as the 97/98 from what i see, it will look better once you get some graphics on there.

Strip away the old one and get yourself a new graphic kit and you will be amazed at the transformation dude!

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